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A Grave For Jason update, and a few other projects worth mentioning…

Fact is A Grave For Jason is taking it’s sweet old time getting ready for the release of “Human Control System.” But you can rest assured a quality “product.” I do not mean to use that word to “objectify” what we produce in any stretch of the imagination.

First the good news:

The good news is there has been A LOT of music recorded for this record. Which means what you will get is an amazing record.

Now the bad news:

The bad new IS that HCS will more than likely NOT be a double album as it had been anticipated. With that said there will (of course) be a lot of “leftovers” that will make their way to other things.

It’s one thing to have this grandiose concept record, and put together an amazing composition and storyline etc, but the logic in that it (HCS) being our 2nd album is just not realistic. Sure the material is there, but we refuse to slap a bunch of shit together, put out a double album simply to placate one, or both of our egos. Dramatic? Yes. But it is the bare nails of truth that stick to the back of an artist like a “kick me” sign, and the artist lives with the consequences of regret. Instead I believe will focus on the 10-15 best tracks suited for this particular album. At the time of writing this we DO have enough tracks, but how they will fit into the big picture of the total composition has not properly come into view like the New World Order in 92’.

A Grave For Jason will also shop the idea of taking some of the left over tracks to splits, EP’s, and other random displays.

A special “Bury Me” Deluxe EP with different mixes of the aforementioned song and other tracks that did not make it to “A World Without Us” LP (2011) as well as covers and re-imaginings of other established songs before the release of Human Control System. Look for that in the coming months.

"Hollywood Cocksuckers" the unofficial first single for HCS is available online now at:

There are 2 new Agonist Revival records to check out online at:

Agonist Revival is writing songs for the follow up of “Conscience Scarring (Le r├ęsultat n’est jamais bon)”

Expect a (possible) release late 2012, or 2013.

There were other things I was going to comment on regarding a former band that I had formed years ago, long story short EVERYTHING fell through. The record will be released at some point, but my position on it being a priority is not that at all. The project had simply run it’s course, and is not even worth mentioning anymore at this juncture. I wish those guys well in their future endeavors, but for now we are all in different places now, and any prospect of a back-slapping, beer guzzling good time reunion is just not in my interest until we can all set aside some differences.

With that said it is 5 til 5 am, and my mind is giving out.

Thank You, and g0d fucking speed.


Finally home.

Finally home.

I like to call this “The Mothersbaugh.” (Taken with instagram)

I like to call this “The Mothersbaugh.” (Taken with instagram)

The Best of the worst.

Educate? Alienate…? Annihilate. (Taken with instagram)

Educate? Alienate…? Annihilate. (Taken with instagram)